Imaging Services

Investing in the most advanced equipment available, CTMH Doctors Hospital Imaging is dedicated to providing exceptional imaging services to our patients. Our services include:

Bone Density Scanning

Bone Density Scanning

Osteoporosis is a condition marked by a decrease of the bone density. The loss of bone density makes the skeleton more prone to fractures. While there is a physiological decrease in bone density with age, it may also be associated with certain diseases, conditions or intake of medications such as long-term intake of steroids.

Bone Density Scanning (also known as DEXA-scan) is a method to assess the mineral content of the bones of a patient’s body in order to diagnose osteoporosis or bone loss. It is an X-ray based technique.

The exam is performed with the patient comfortably lying down on the back. The bone density scanner slowly passes over the body and collects data which will be used to make a diagnosis. The computer then calculates the amount of bone loss and compares it to a standard collective as well as physiological values. The exam usually lasts about 15 minutes.